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Social Media Live Streaming: Learn How You Can Capture Authentic Unfiltered Content

As you have probably noticed, you are now more likely to spend more time on your phone browsing different apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat to stay connected with all of your peers and the latest trends. As TV... Continue Reading →

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ATM Cyber Robbery Prevention

See how Advantech, one of the major suppliers for the embedded computers used in ATMs, is working with one of its SI partners on a proactive security solution which provides dual protection to ATMs and servers with both whitelisting and blacklisting security.

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Advantech’s SoM Ensures Data Security in Medical Devices with Mindray

For electronic devices and instruments used in medical care, precision, accuracy and reliability are critical. See how Advantech's SoM ensures advanced security solutions.

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How Advantech Helps Manufacturers Reduce Cost and Workloads

Stability and reliability is at the forefront of machinery requirements. Any unexpected outage or malfunction occurring during operation due to cyber threats will negatively impact manufacturing quality and output. Find out how Advantech can help protect you with Whitelist and System Backup Solutions.

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Flying with Ruggedness and Ease

Aerospace and defense systems require rugged and reliable platforms that can operate in challenging environments. Conditions in these fields are characterized by extreme heat, cold, dust, shock, and vibration. When it comes to DRAM memory modules inside these systems, individual... Continue Reading →

Virtual and Augmented Reality: What’s the Deal?

Catch up on one of the latest trends in the tech industry for 2017: Augmented and Virtual Reality. See how this technology can benefit your industry with powerful and efficient live VR encoders.

PaaS Architecture for IoT

The success of Internet of Things (IoT) is stepping away from vertically-oriented, closed systems towards open systems based on open APIs and standardized protocols at various system levels. This whitepaper introduces Advantech WISE-PaaS (Platform as a Service) architecture for IoT... Continue Reading →

Trends in 2017: What Every Tech Savvy Traveler Should Know

Catch up with the latest travel trends and learn how IoT technology has played a pivotal role in achieving the perfect travel experience. With 30 years of industrial solutions manufacturing, Advantech is there to assist customers in building platforms that support transportation industry certifications and environmental protection.

High Speed Production Line with Precise Inspection

Consumers are now more concerned with food safety; with details such as ingredients and place of origin are now placed top priority when it comes to purchasing any food items. Want to find out more about how Advantech's AIIS-5410P is effortlessly helping the food industry? Read the case study.

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