Consumers are now more concerned with food safety;  with details such as ingredients and place of origin are now placed top priority when it comes to purchasing any food items.
During processing, clear and accurate labeling applied to food products helps consumers make informed choices and maintain peace of mind. The food industry has implemented automated production for many years, with well-evolved procedures for filling, labeling, and shipping. A current challenge for System Integrators include helping assist food manufacturers with the rapid checking of trademarks and labels on existing, high-speed, automated production lines.


Based on an all-in-one concept, Advantech’s AIIS-5410P is a platform controller equipped with an Intel® 6th-generation Core™ i processor. Its system performance is more than adequate to meet general-purpose requirements for the vast majority of customers. With four GbE PoE interfaces, AIIS-5410P allows System Integrators to connect multiple industrial cameras with unequaled configuration options. Additionally, up to eight USB3.0 ports, two COM ports, two Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) ports and one PCIe/PCI expansion slot enable it to satisfy users who need a variety of interfaces to accommodate diverse applications.
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