Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means – It’s vacation time! Here’s some inside scoop on the latest travel trends:

Connectivity and On-Demand Everything

Today, travelers are unlikely to separate from their mobile devices on the road. Whether it’s taking pictures or running apps to navigate to all corners of the world, Advantech encourages travelers to stay connected and informed at all times. With new information-driven mobile technologies, travelers are now able to confidently make smarter decisions.

Increased Convenience with Mobile Customer Service

Airlines can now meet demands for self-service operations by expanding their self-service platforms to incorporate relevant merchandising strategies. For connectivity using personal mobile devices, technology such as Advantech’s iBeacon offers the ideal solution for delivering real-time customer services to travelers moving rapidly through transportation hubs. Examples services that can be provided are as follows:

  1. Boarding terminal / gate information, shuttle and train times, maps and best route suggestion services
  2. Bus and train on-board information terminals and connectivity services for informing and updating passengers

Advantech’s all-in-one, self-service, ubiquitous touch computer  (UTC) are able to provide these conveniences in style.

Virtual Shopping and Travel Experience

Travelers are now able to shop with only their mobile devices. With digital wallets and virtual shopping, travelers now have access to real-time inventory information and more ways to pay for goods and services. For example, Apple Pay allows credit card payments to be made with smartphones.

While most people might want to disconnect from technology when they’re in the Bahamas, technology has also enabled travelers to book their hotel rooms in advance remotely. With intelligent retail and hospitality solutions, services such as concierge and dinner reservations will now be online. Check out Advantech’s intelligent solutions to retail and hospitality.

Now that you’re caught up with the latest travel trends, want to find out how IoT technology has played a pivotal role in achieving the perfect travel experience? Click here to find out!

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