Stability and reliability is at the forefront of machinery requirements. Any unexpected outage or malfunction occurring during operation will negatively impact manufacturing quality and output. SOCO, one of the world’s most prominent CNC machine manufacturers, is Asia’s leader in metal tube sawing machines and bending machines. With an annual production of over 2,000 advanced CNC machines,  SOCO significantly contributes to the machinery and factory automation industry.

However, with the age of Industry 4.0 coming, more and more equipment and factory assets are now connected to networks and are then exposed to cyber threats. Without acknowledging corporate IT departments, many businesses using cloud apps face new threats. Therefore, enhanced security is now more important than ever. Over the course of SOCO’s product innovation and improvements, they have adopted Advantech’s embedded computing systems and associated security solutions. Advantech now offers them with McAfee White Listing Protection Technologies and Acronis System Backup and Recovery software to reduce their workloads and costs in providing after sale support to end-users.

The McAcfee Application Control helps to “fix” programs of the machines by blocking unauthorized codes from running on the system, thereby helping to curb malware.
The Acronis True Image, on the other hand, is bundled with and integrated into all of Advantech’s computer hardware sold to System Builders and other OEMs to provide an additional layer of data protection to end-users.

The Acronis True Image can also be scheduled for automatic conduct of entire computer backup on a regular base; all discs at once, including OS, applications, files, production parameters and system data logs. Once the machines encounter failure and break down, maintenance service engineers can easily restore the full system to its latest backup, therefore minimizing downtime impact.

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