As you have probably noticed, you are now more likely to spend more time on your phone browsing different apps such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat to stay connected with all of your peers and the latest trends. As TV time continues to decline, time spent on social media is steadily growing with Americans now spending an average of 6 hours a week on social platforms with the rest of the world quickly catching up.

Video is driving this growth and companies like Facebook or Snapchat are strenuously promoting video tools such as live streaming or 360-degree video. These channels are being leveraged by media professionals to engage with all kinds of audiences to drive attention and increase revenue streams. However, social media broadcasting for professionals can be challenging with quality and flexibility being critical aspects. Here is how Advantech’s family of compact video encoding and streaming modules can help.

The VEGA 2000 Series of acquisition, encoding and streaming modules can help bridge the gap between consumer and professional video by providing a reduced size, a cost-effective engine that can capture, encode and stream quality content over a range of networks, including wired Ethernet, WiFi, and 3G/4G mobile networks. Developers can leverage the different VEGA 2000 Series modules to create live streaming devices that support SD, HD and UHD formats as well as HEVC Main encoding for best mobile bandwidth use.

The VEGA 2000 family’s small form factor and low power consumption also allow extremely portable social media live encoder configurations to be created, from camera attached devices, anywhere broadcasting backpacks to small desktop units or live event streaming suitcases. They offer a developer-friendly HTTP interface, which can be remotely controlled using a web-based CGI command set, and support common internet video streaming protocols such as RTSP, RTMP and HLS.

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